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Auto Intercell Welder

The Automatic Two Station Intercell Welder is the newest piece of automatic assembly  equipment to BESCO's equipment line.  Derived from the semi-automatic Welder which has been built and proven for the last 20 years.  This welder uses most the common replacement parts as the rest of BESCO's equipment uses to help reduce the amount of required spare parts.

Set-up of this welder from battery size to battery size could not get any easier.  With an estimated change over time of 10-15 minutes maximum.

The Automatic Two Station Intercell Welder is set up to only require (1) single main feed transformer.   One weld station will not weld if the other station is in the process of welding.

The welder is pre-programmed once set up properly to be able to weld 6 volt, 8 volt, and 12 volt by the turn of a switch.

Estimated production of 12 volt batteries per minute is around 2-3 and 6 volt is estimated 3-4 batteries per minute. 

The Automatic Two Station Intercell Welder  can be put into place and either be purchased with powered in-feed and out-feed conveyors  programmed at BESCO and be ready upon installation or use existing powered conveyors and programmed at your factory  to feed the Welder and exit the Welder.  Customer must specify at the time of order.  BESCO will require information on existing powered conveyor to confirm compatibility.

Click on the following link to view video of the Automatic Welder with the Automatic Weld Monitoring System.


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